Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions regulate your request, purchase, or receipt of data recovery services provided and delivered by PITS Global Data Recovery Services. Following receipt of a case submission under these terms PITS will designate the applicable PITS Global Data Recovery Services and representatives to perform the services. PITS reserves the right to make changes to these terms at any time. We encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions in full before the submission of a data recovery case.

Service Delivery Process

If you need services and looking forward to receiving such service, you can either send us your storage device or media for us to evaluate or by calling us at the telephone numbers available at

Please have a look at how our data recovery services work.

Step 1. Cost Estimate

By answering a few questions about your data storage device on our online case submission form, or by calling us, you will get a cost estimate for data recovery services you are interested. You will know your cost before submitting your storage media to us for the recovery process.

Step 2. Evaluation & Recovery Effors

After submission of your data storage device or media to our data recovery lab, and we will use all possible methods and put every effort to determine whether any data on your data storage device is recoverable.

Step 3. Authorization of Recovery

If you accept the price stated in our website or the cost estimate for on-site and non-standard data recovery services, please submit your data storage media to us, and we will start the data recovery processes by applying all possible techniques we possess. By submitting your media, you agree to pay the fee quoted if we can successfully recover the data you need.

Step 4. Successful Recovery

In case we can successfully recover data, we will notify you using the contact information you provided to us and submit a list of recovered data for your confirmation. After your confirmation of successfull recovery, we will charge you. We will not release your data to you until you have paid for the services and related costs (including applicable service fees, new device costs, and shipping costs).

Step 5. Data Delivery Options for Recovered Data

We offer two options to receive your recovered data; 1. We will establish and provide a temporary cloud account under which your recovered data will be available to you to download within thirty (30) days if the data size does not exceed 50GB; or (2) we will return your data to you on a brand-new external hard drive. An additional charge will apply for a brand new hard drive.

Step 6. Unsuccessful Recovery Effort

In the event, where data recovery from your submitted device is unrecoverable, we will inform you accordingly and will not charge you for the services provided.

Step 7. Return of Original Media

Upon the request, the original device can be returned to you. This does not apply to plastic media enclosure of USB external hard drive devices. Plastic media enclosures are removed during the device inspections and are utilized. You will charge you for the return shipment cost.

Step 8. Disposal of Abandoned Storage Media or Data after 60 Days

Device, media, or data left with us without full payment after 60 days from the date of the storage media receipt will be disposed of, reused or recycled; and you release PITS from any obligation of confidentiality related to the left in our premises device, media, and data.

Service Limitations

You (the legal owner of the submitted storage device) understand that data recovery cannot be guaranteed. Every reasonable effort will be made to make it, and we do not promise any results. Also, you understand and acknowledge that a hard drive, flash drive, memory card or mobile phone may fail/may render data unrecoverable at any attempt and time even while in possession of PITS Data Recovery experts. Under no circumstances, PITS Global Data Recovery Services takes any responsibilities for such events.


Upon submitting a case, you automatically authorize PITS Global Data Recovery Services and its employees, its independent contractors, agents, and delegates to receive and transport the device (sent for data recovery), do conduct inspection, evaluation, data checking, recovery attempts and processing of each data storage device.

Legal Rights

By submitting a new data recovery case, you represent and warrant to PITS Global Data Recovery Services that you of the legal age of majority in your state or country of residence. You also warrant that you are the legitimate owner or the authorized representative of the legal owner of the submitted device and/or data. Besides, you warrant that the data on the given device is legal and that you have all the legal rights:

- to send us the storage media and data;

- to have the data recovered using the services PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides;

- to receive the recovered data;

- to agree to these terms & conditions.

The legal owner or the authorized representative of the legal owner of the submitted device will defend and indemnify PITS Global Data Recovery Services and its employees from any claims or legal actions relating to the submitted storage device or equipment or data, or your rights or lack of rights to that.


Protecting the data confidentiality of your private information and/or recovered data is paramount. Hereby, we confirm that will protect the confidentiality of your data against unauthorized access, except as required by law and will use your submitted storage device, confidential data for no purpose other than data recovery.


PITS Global Data Recovery Services, its employees, engineers, directors and officers make no express warranties, guarantees, and representations, conditions regarding the provided data recovery services or their outcome. All data recovery attempts are performed as is with all expected faults, at your sole risk.

Limitation of Liability

PITS Global Data Recovery Services will not be liable for any claims regarding the damages, claims relating to the physical functioning of the storage device, equipment or to the condition or existence of data on the storage media supplied before, during or after the data recovery services unless you prove that we caused damages intentionally. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, this disclaimer shall apply to all damages, regardless of PITS Global Data Recovery Services has advised of the possibility of harms or loss to persons or property. Our liability of any kind with respect to the data recovery services, including any negligence on its part, shall be limited to the total amount paid by the customer for the services provided. In no event, will PITS Global Data Recovery Services or its contractors, officers, directors employee be liable for any loss of data, damage to the device, loss of revenue or profit, indirect, special, incidental or any other consequence of the service provided. The sole purpose of this limitation is to limit our liability for performing any kind of data recovery services, and the allocation of risk is reflected in our data recovery prices. You acknowledge and agree that the price of the exclusive services upon your approval can be higher if we undertook more liability. You also understand that you are aware of the possible inherent risks of injury and property damage involved with data recovery. Without limitation, includes risks due to the destruction or damage to the storage device or data and inability to recover data and that such risk will be at your sole and entire responsibility.

Use of this Site and Your Account

You acknowledge and understand that by using this provided website, you are subject to and agree to be bound by the privacy policy and other terms and conditions of it. Following your case submission, we will establish an cloud account for you. You will be provided with a user name and password through the communication options you stated in submission form. You agree and confirm that you will take reasonable precautions to protect your account against unauthorized access and that you will be fully responsible for all activities on your cloud account. We hold all the rights to terminate your access to the site, without notice, for any conduct and activities we believe that violates of our terms and conditions and or a law.

Personal Data

You accept that you (the legal owner or the authorized representative of the legal owner) provide correct information about you as requested by the online case submission form, including, your full name, e-mail address, address, telephone number and payment card information. You must maintain and promptly update your personal information (from now on Personal Data). You also accept that we may communicate through the communication options you provided in case submission form and we may send notifications to you regarding your cases. PITS Global Data Recovery Services shall have no legal responsibility associated with failures from your side to maintain correct Personal Data.

Terms of Payment

Payment should be made in full prior to release of successfully recovered data. You acknowledge that payment shall be made by credit card and/or other specified payment methods acceptable to PITS Global Data Recovery Services. You understand that where payment is made by payment cards, such payments are subject to the approval of the banks issuing those cards, and therefore, PITS Global Data Recovery Services shall not hold any responsibility if any of the banks issuing payment cards refuses to accept your payment methods, cards for the reasons that we have no control over.


You accept that PITS Global Data Recovery Services shall withhold all taxes where it is necessary and required by law.

Compliance with Laws

As a customer, you acknowledge and agree to comply with all laws, statutes, and regulations regarding your use of this website. PITS Global Data Recovery Services reserves all the rights to report all kind of violations to law enforcement or other appropriate authorities. PITS reserves the right to conduct an independent investigation to determine the extent of the harm and motive, upon becoming aware of any facts that specific terms and/or conditions of this website have been somehow. You agree to cooperate in such an investigation takes place and understand that its results may be presented to law enforcement or other appropriate authorities, and you may be subject to penalty and civil liability.

International Trade Law

You understand that all the services provided through this website are subject to the customs and export control laws and regulations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. PITS Global Data Recovery Services reserves all the rights to refuse data recovery services or the return of any storage devices that have been determined to violate laws and regulations.

Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute, directly or indirectly related to the services provided, the parties will attempt to resolve it through fair negotiation.


You acknowledge that in any delivery of all mentioned terms and conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable; such distribution shall be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law or deliveries shall not be affected by that.


You agree that the present Terms cannot be assigned or transferred unless PITS Global Data Recovery Services gives its prior written approval. PITS Global Data Recovery Services has all the rights to assign or delegate all or some portion of its rights and obligations under mentioned terms without your approval but will provide you with a written notice if that event takes place.

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