SSD Data Recovery

With our vast experience in this field and with customized technique, we can recover data from Solid-State Drives.

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PITS provides recovery services on a full range of solid-state drives on MLC, eMLC, TLC or SLC NAND flash memory technologies for all makes and models of laptops as notebooks.

Unlike the traditional hard disk drives, solid-state storage devices have no moving parts that may create the wrong impression that data stored on an SSD is safer compared to conventional methods. However, SSDs not all that durable and sometimes are more vulnerable to some defects than traditional storages are. Sudden power loss or strong magnetic fields, for example, can cause data loss. SSDs have a limited number of write cycles to the flash cells, and the ability to write to them will eventually wear out, leading to potential data loss.

Your data still can be recovered!

Data recovery engineers at PITS have developed an advanced and custom SSD drive recovery methods of recovering data from NAND flash dumps and assembling them into one single drive image to access data inside.

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Desktop ComputerDesktop Computer

Laptop DriveLaptops

Macbook DriveApple Computers

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We are the best chance of getting your data back

Whatever the cause for hard drive failure, mechanical or logical, our data recovery experts will exhaust every possible methods to retrieve your data.

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