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We are truly proud of our success rate for data recovery from any type of damaged RAID Arrays.

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PITS possesses advanced tools, techniques and set of skills to recover data from damaged RAID Arrays

PITS experts have vast experience with RAID Array data recovery from any level of RAID systems. We perform In-Lab and On-Site RAID data recoveries, and we are proud of our high success rate in data recovery from damaged RAID systems. Nowadays, many businesses, as well as individuals, utilize a RAID system to store their most valuable data. The reason for failure may differ from firmware problems, and hard drive crashes. Our experienced experts are familiar with all kind of issues that can result in a RAID Array failure.




 RAID50 & RAID60

 Apple Software RAID

 mdadm & LVM

 Intel Matrix

 RAID-Z, Z2, Z3

Trust the experts in Data Recovery Industry

There are non-standard challenging RAID levels that we support and capable of recovering. Initial inspections and recoveries, where possible, can be carried out both within the laboratory and On-Site at customer’s premises.

Supported RAID devicesSee the list of supported RAID array devices for raid data recovery

NAS devicesNAS devices

RAID SystemsRAID Systems


StoragesdevicesStorage devices

We are the best chance of getting your data back

Whatever the cause for hard drive failure, mechanical or logical, our data recovery experts will exhaust every possible methods to retrieve your data.

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